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Favorite Team Or The Handicapped One – Which One Is Best For Betting?

In sports there is a practice for betting in points-based sports like Soccer, Football, Basketball, Tennis and Rugby and also used in racing sports like Horse racing. Handicap betting is best thought as a way on how the odds are presented. The difference in abilities are perceived significant on the betting odds on the favorite or the handicapped one. The favorite provides a small returns, therefore giving bettors a little incentive. While on the other hand, the handicapped team provides huge returns to bettors. Now the question is the favorite team or the handicapped one – which one is best for betting?

Favorite Team or the Handicapped One – Which One Is Best For Betting?

Mostly on the bookmaker sites it is also known in terms such as line betting, the spread, points betting or Asian handicap. The handicapped team is given a head-start score taken into account when the final result has been calculated. Here is an example, if you placed your bets on Team A with a handicap of -1, that team must score at least one goal to cover their handicap, and you will win the bet.  On the other hand, if Team B is given a +1 this means that they are the handicapped one or the underdog. Thus if the result of the game between Team A and Team B results to a draw, the bookmakers will show Team B as the winner.

Favorite Team Or The Handicapped One – Which One Is Best For Betting?

Favorite Team Or The Handicapped One – Which One Is Best For Betting?


Advantage of choosing the favorite team

When choosing a team to back up in sports especially in handicap betting. It is always best to back up the heavy favorites. It is a rule of thumb and an advice to all you are interested in handicap betting. If you are not convinced, look at it this way, if you are betting on a handicapped match between Team A to play host on a struggling Team B. This is where the handicap comes in. For each of the goal that you take away from Team A’s final goal score tally, you will have the odds of a Team A win.

The chance of the heavy favorite teams of winning a match is really high compared to the underdogs. But the payout for betting on them is not that high. It is a smart move if you ask me, the risk of losing is less. A smart move which you are sure to have a profit even it is little. Note that there are number of research papers that says that betting on favorites is the safest way to do sports handicap betting.

Advantage of the handicapped team

One of the advantage of placing a bet on the underdog will be the profit that you will get if they win. Since the odds for favorites to win tends to be on the low side which ranges from 1.70 – 1.85. It doesn’t give much value especially if you are risking big amounts. However, when you bet on the underdogs, the odds is high, ranging from 1.97 – 2.20. With the typical scenario on soccer games where 1 win 1 draw and 1 loss situation, it would result in minimal loss or more profit due to the value odds. But this doesn’t mean that all underdogs are worth the bet. You should research deeper to find some high value underdogs.

Handicap betting on the underdogs will become beneficial over time, especially on the home underdogs. All you have to do is to be patient, calm and market for the good value underdogs. The underdogs which plays on their home court don’t need to travel far, meaning they have a good rest and condition. The crowd advantage have a huge effect on home underdogs and playing in front of their home fans gives them motivation to win their match.

And last but not least, handicap betting on the underdogs or the handicapped one is profitable. The favorites pay out less money in online sports betting sites, so your chance to gain profit will be betting on the underdogs.

Disadvantage of choosing the favorite team

The results in all sports events like soccer is unpredictable. There is a chance where the favorite tends to lose to the underdogs. And if the bettor doesn’t actually know the favorite team very well. The less the bettor know the team, the lower the chances that the tip would be successful. If you are not very careful, and make poor decisions regarding your bankroll, you will lose a big amount of money. Just like said earlier it is unpredictable. So many things can affect your bets, like for example a sudden change or injuries of players especially the star player of the team. Betting on favorites can go from good to very bad in any moment. Make sure you have done your research before betting on them.

Disadvantage of the handicapped team

Winning chances of the underdogs or handicapped team is less compared to the favorites. Betting on them is not required if you have no courage at all. Because most bettors don’t have the courage or lose it because they perceived the match wouldn’t be a contest and the underdogs will get overwhelmed. But this is wrong, using a right statistical data you can find a handicapped team with good value. You have to be fast on doing this, the markets can change dramatically from any moment. Place your bets as soon as you find the handicapped team with great odds.


Favorite team or the handicapped one – which one is best for betting? There are good sides and bad sides to both. If you want a higher winning rate, you go for the favorite team. If your aim is to win huge amounts then you go for the handicapped team or the underdogs. Doing research will help you choose where to place your bets. And also knowing the rules of the sport and if you have played it yourself it will be an advantage. Good luck when you bet on either the favorite or the handicapped team!

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