How to Deposit

After registering on the most trusted online soccer betting website, the, it’s time for you to know on how to deposit. This part is the most needed thing in any online betting website on the reason that if your account doesn’t have any amount deposited on, you cannot play any kind of betting games. So, this tip will be surely going to be beneficial for you as a member of the betting site.

First step is to log-in on the account that you’ve made. Then, on the upper right corner of the main page, below on your account’s username, you can see the deposit, transfer and withdraw buttons and also the current amount of your accounts wallet. When you click the deposit button, a new window will going to pop-up and to do deposit, just select the payment method whether local transfer or payment online. If you select the local transfer, you only need to do is to select a bank, then your account name and account number, plus the amount that you will going to deposit. Then just click the submit button.

For those who select the payment online. It is only like the local transfer, all you need to do is to select a bank, insert the amount and then there will be going to appear on the order no. box and then click the submit button.

After those simple steps, just wait for a couple of minutes and the deposit is already done and successful.