How to Register

Once a bettor knows that the online betting site is a trusted and licensed one. It is guaranteed that they will going to look for some tips on how to register on the website. So, here, you can learn the simple exact ways to register on the best and trusted online soccer betting site in entire Malaysian region.

Just click the Enter Site button, located at the homepage of the betting site. After clicking the Enter Site button, you will going to be redirected to other website where you can see the JOIN NOW button with a bright red color.

How to Register

After hitting the join now button, it’s either of the two, a new window will going to popup or it will lead you directly to the form where you will going to fill-up all the required fields like username, password, email address, and also the bank name and bank numbers that you will going to use for your account.Member Registration

Important reminder, the username can only contains letters and numbers. The email address must be real, in order for you to retrieve your password once you forget it. For the password, it should be easy to remember but hard for other to guess. You also need to insert your real mobile phone number because the email and phone number have the same feature, where you can use them for retrieving your lost password. After that, just simply select the currency that you will going to use whether IDR, MYR, or THB.

After selecting the currency that you will use, it’s now time for the most important thing that you will do on this registration form. It the bank name, where you have an account with, your bank account number and the bank account name.

After all those things, just hit the submit button and wait for few seconds and you can use your account right away.